Google announces Motion Stills for Android; a GIF-making app

Googl Motion Stills

Google had designed an app called ‘Motion Stills‘ for iOS last year with regard to the Live Photos and this year it has done it for the Android users. The one done for the iOS platform was such that the blurry flames could be cropped out. Right now, the Motion Stills designed for Android has undergone certain changes by Google.

Android app includes a new recording experience through the ‘Motion Stills app‘ which has been introduced by Google, where everything you shoot is immediately transformed into short, shareable clips. To use this feature, one has to capture a Motion Still with a tap, similar to how you take a photo. Motion Stills app is compatible with devices running Android 5.1 Lollipop and later versions.

The Fast Forward feature lets one reduce a longer recording into a short clip, as well. This works with recordings up to a minute long, and the video is processed right on your phone. One can adjust the playback speed from 1x to 8x after recording. The reference is “a denser I-frame spacing to enable efficient seeking and playback” along with the “adaptive temporal downsampling in the linear solver and long-range stabilization.”

Google has introduced a new technology where the regular recordings are turned into GIFS. Google says that it has redesigned the current iOS video processing pipeline to use a streaming approach that processes each video frame as it’s recording. It then stabilizes the image while performing the loop optimization over the full sequence. Again, translated, which means one can quickly make a recording and immediately get a smoothed-out GIF to share as a result. Google stated in its post “You can capture a short Motion Still with a single tap like a photo, or condense a longer recording into a new feature we call Fast Forward.”

The feedback from this app allows one to integrate with some of the appreciated features to other apps like Google Photos. It’s available for download from Play Store.