Google Maps gets dedicated Motorcycle Navigation Mode

Google Maps MotorCycle

Lost on the roads? and to top it all you are on a two-wheeler? Not to worry anymore as Google has come up with an app that is accessible for ‘motorcycle navigation mode‘. This was revealed after ‘Waze’ came up with its new features in this regard.

The initial roll-out across different regions are in the take and we have heard customers using the app saying that it is very useful. No wonder, the activity ground is always on its go in the ‘Google environment’. As ‘search’ word has been replaced by ‘Google it’ aspect, this aspect also could come out with such one thing in the future is the belief of the company. That’s exactly what it seems like when one looks into the concept.

Riders can know the routes, along with the estimated time of arrival and this forms one of the unique features of the said app.

The Google motorcycle navigation

There is a motorcycle icon below the search bar that will assist to locate the motorcycle navigation among other modes of transport. The Google Map dedicated to the motorcyclists has come as a boon to the riders, especially for those who love traveling or accustomed to travel on bikes rather in cars. Most importantly, the traffic issue can be looked into with the help of this app and resolved accordingly.

How to locate the icon of the motorcycle navigation mode

As specified above, the motorcycle icon below the search bar and the same can be accessed by just clicking on it. Currently, its a proud feeling for the Indians as this feature is only available in India.

The response from all over the world is quite good on this app. One review reads  “I live in Milan and a lot of streets are closed to cars, but not to scooters or public transportation, making the motorcycle route several minutes shorter if you know how, but Google would only suggest car routes. I’ve been waiting for this for ages,” written by a Reddit user.

Finally, one can say that the launch Google does has always had a good response and so is this. Much more in the long run to hit the board.