Google to launch ‘Google Hire’ Job Portal; takes on LinkedIn

Google Hire Job Portal

The latest and most popular project of Google, ‘Google Hire’ has become the favourite topic of almost every job portal now. As Google has introduced its private applicant tracking system into a public platform, it allows employers to get applications from candidates online. According to the spokesperson, ‘Google Hire is a product being developed to assist G suite customers for the management of hiring process in a far effective manner.’ The development of Google Hire is being observed closely by reputed job portals such as Monster, Seek and Indeed.

The main objective of this project is to design a job portal which can work efficiently for better management of hiring process. It will simplify the process of tracking applicants. Although Google Hire got a tough competition by already established portals in this field and also when facebook has moved into this market; still being a huge company, it will put an example in the world of job portals.

Homepage of Google Hire suggests that it allows sign up service to both, employees and employers. As the project is still being developed, the signup function is not yet fully functional. Applicants can sign up using their Google Account. For being outstanding in this field, Google requires doing something new and interesting. This will only help Google Hire to beat the tough competition.

Innovation and interesting features only can work for this project to do well among so many competitors online. However, Google+ suggests us that Google knows how to do things differently to attract people towards a project.