Google introduces Samba Client to Share files easily

Android Samba Client

Google has launched Android Samba Client app on Play Store. It is an open-source implementation of the SMB/CIFS networking protocol. Through this application, Unix-based operating systems can connect to Windows for file, printers, and documents sharing. Sharing files are made easy in case of a network even between two different operating systems.

It works really simple. You have to just enter the file share you want to connect to along with the username and password (if necessary). Once you tap ‘Mount’ the instant share appears on the Downloads/Files app that will help you to copy files back and forward. The user interface isn’t that great but the app does it work perfectly. Maybe in the future version release, it might get improved.

Samba client is an open-source application, so if you are looking to contribute, get the source code from Git Hub. The Solid File Explorer is a good and powerful file manager with Samba support. It seems to be a good source for the basic operations.

This application allows mounting the SMB file share in their Downloads/Files app in Android. This helps to access remote files from the user’s Android devices. The application is told to be a direct port of the Samba client. You can find it in

Google has been seen going with the same race as Apple or Microsoft and the demand for the former seems to have given a tough competition to the latter two. More of Google products compared to that of Apple’s with respect to the key aspects are used in U.S. classrooms. The preferred OS is Google Chrome OS in most of the schools there.

Google giving an answer to its competitor Apple Inc. had released a data revealing Android Distribution Data for June 2017, where Marshmallow was on top. So, Overall the company is very much sure on its pace and developments as it believes in more of action apart from task-planning ahead.