Google Domain Registrar Service Launched in India

Google has yet again come up with another concept of development in technology, the Google Domains, that has been launched by the company without no much pomp and show. It’s official that the company has launched its Web domain registrar-service in India.

It’s currently in beta phase although no deals are offered to consumers on this. The main competitors in this regard for Google are BigRock, GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, Namecheap.

Google seems to be concentrating on the simple user interface aspect since it is the main source for anyone who wishes to set up the domain.

There is user-friendly specifications that are set down by Google so as to make it easier for the customers when they purchase the domain and set it.

Google for instance gives an option to the customers while registering for the domain wherein, the customer needs to confirm whether he or she wants the information provided to ICANN to be hidden or not.

There are straightforward sections to configure the DNS and to make use of customized email addresses. By signing up for GSuite, paid services from Google, the customer can purchase the customized email addresses from the dashboard.

It’s speculated that Google might have some launch offers or offers that are in general when it publicly announces the launch of Google Domains in India.

The aspect that drives a customer either to select or change a registrar service is the concept of whether the user can afford the service.

It should be noted here, that Google announced free tools to allow small businesses in India set up websites at no charge, which means that Google has concentrated on the affordability which is the main aspect of pulling the crowd towards its service.

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Again, some sources also reveal that the price offered by Google are quite high than its competitors. However, the real picture would be revealed once Google comes out with the information that the customers are waiting for.

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