Goldman Sachs analyst says Apple iPhone 8 to cost $1000

iPhone 8 Price break down
Source: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

Apple’s upcoming iPhone is in news since a long time. Everyday one or the other rumors relating to iPhone 8 pops-up. As part of their tenth anniversary celebrations, the Cupertino based giant will launch three new iPhone models at this year’s fall-event. One of them will be a premium device and it’s rumored to be named iPhone 8.

Today Simona Jankowski, a Goldman Sachs analyst has come out with big news for the iPhone fans. We all know that the most awaited phone of the year, the Apple iPhone 8 is going to be on board, Sachs said, in September 2018 with an equal amount of high expectation both in the launch and price tag.

iPhone 7 camera
Apple iPhone 7

Goldman Sachs said that the price is for sure going to be high. $ 1000 (United States dollars) is the cost of this phone, which carries OLED panel for the first time in smartphone. There are two models under this range, which costs different based on the storage capacities.

According to Simona, the Apple iPhone 8 with 128 GB model will costs $999 and the 256 GB model is priced at $1099.

The list of the prices for different models under this range was mentioned as below:

iPhone 8 – $999 and above

iPhone 7s Plus – $ 769 and above

iPhone 7s – $ 649 and above

The Apple phones attract customers with their advanced technology and this new ‘ball of surprise’ is no different. The phone comes with front-facing camera which uses 3D sensor. To top it, this feature was called revolutionary by Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst, KGI Securities. The Touch ID fingerprint scanner is placed under the glass.

Jankowski believes that the designs when tested for new models of iPhones, the same was locked down by the ‘tech titan’ so as to be used for iPhone 8. It is also speculated that the inside materials of the phone would be the reason for such high cost.

Here is the expectation of Goldman Sachs for the cost of features:

  • 5.8-inch OLED screen (adds $35)
  • No bezel, all screen
  • 3D sensing (adds $20)
  • Better & faster NAND/DRAM memory (adds $16 to $29)
  • A11 processor
  • No Home button, no 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Biometric authentication

As per Goldman Sachs People shifted to the large screen iPhones and the sales due to this was 60% of the total sales resulted by iPhone 7 Plus. Waiting to watch the sales ‘happening’!

In relating Apple news, A11 chip that will power iPhone 8 enters production and will enter the mass-production next month.