GIEO Robot First Person Shooter and Visual Recognition system

Games have taken a spree of entertainment and with the introduction of new technology in the Robotic concepts, there is always a look for new. Here is one that would interest you to break the silence of stress. The GEIO which is engineered and equipped with First Person Shooter and Visual Recognition system gives a robotic battle-experience. It is backed by the artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The First-person shooter (FPS) is a video game genre centered around a gun and other weapon-based combat in a first-person perspective, wherein the player experiences the action through the eyes of the protagonist.

It joins the gap between the real and the virtual concept of space and give the best of the entertainment in this process.

Different weapons are given to the ‘Players’ along with the caliber that will assist to govern each of the paying mode essentially leading to the conquer of the opposite party.

The auto-tracking and auto-identifying and the hands-on competency provides with the understanding and applying tactics of the game and this in turn comes with the comprehension of the game.

The ‘Totems‘ will help in achieving the ‘Magical Abilities’. The ‘Mobility’ ability will assist in the gaining of high speed. The game is not for destruction. Apart from this the four different modes to choose – namely, Royal Duel, Attack and Defense, Scavenger Hunt Race, and Speed Race. Also, many more playing modes are available as well.

Under the playing mode ‘The Royal Duel‘ of it is that you can connect ‘GEIO’ to your smartphone and the state-of-the-art tech gives you an option to prevail weapons so that you can stun the opponents, especially during the very much required situations.

Attack and Defense – In this mode the  Attacking and Defending teams should capture the territory. Even though the defender cannot move around, it is equipped with more HP and stronger weapon.

Scavenger Hunt Race – In this, the high-tech treasure hunt converts an area to a race that is filled with adventure, where the teams need to compete against each other so as to be the first to find out the hidden treasure totems.

The GEIO also scans the totem automatically and through absorbing the magical power through scanning weapon totems, a series of special power will be added to GEIO.

There are other modes as well which the website has in detail explained for information purpose. The company that has designed it states and observes that GEIO is built with the AI emotions and the feelings are depicted by the robot during the process of the game play.

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Written by Meenakshi Vanidasan

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