Here is how to get New Gmail Look within Few Clicks

New Gmail Look

Google has started rolling out new Gmail look and the new cozy looks bring materialistic design to Google’s free email services. The new Gmail update starts rolling out today (April 25) and brings out few new features like the ability to access Calendar directly from your inbox and view attachment without opening the email thread. The update happens to be a gradual roll-out.

This new Gmail look-over is currently rolled-out to web version only. Upcoming mobile version makeover includes confidential mode and high-priority notifications.

If you haven’t got the new Gmail look-over, then here is how to get it within few clicks:

Open Gmail in your browser and then click on the Settings icon which is situated in the upper right corner.New Gmail

Now select the option “Try the new Gmail“. Once you click that, your Gmail will auto-refresh and you will get the cozy Gmail new look.

If you don’t like the new Gmail, then you can undo and go back to the original one by following the same steps and click on “Go back to classic Gmail“.

If you are using a Work Gmail account, then your account administrator has to enable the new feature.