FreshDirect’s Latest Spin on Sourcing Wild Salmon

Alaska’s frosty rivers are home to some of the best quality salmon in the country and FreshDirect does an impeccable job of bringing them straight to your doorstep. You could trust FreshDirect to always choose the ethical and sustainable route by sourcing the catch from independent fishermen abiding government regulations for fishing. Thanks to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, a whole different level of policies, whether it’s the advanced radar systems or putting a restriction on fishing areas, are helping fishermen make the most of the season. The quality of catch is not only plentiful in the present but also rewarding in the future. By tracking the amount of fish that tread the waters every hour, they make sure that they’re always following norms and regulations without disrupting the natural habitat of the fish. What FreshDirect is doing, according to their category merchant of the seafood department Michael Kanter, is “pulling the wild salmon out of the water and putting it right on your plate”. When buying the best quality of fish online, it’s only obvious that customers will turn their loyalties to FreshDirect.  

There’s no denying that the window of opportunity for wild-caught salmon is only seasonal; summers specifically. FreshDirect builds trusting and long-term relationships with independent fishermen and supports their fishing endeavors. Acting as a catalyst, FreshDirect provides the fishermen with the right resources and equipment that ensures a steady supply of enhanced yield throughout the summer season. The fishermen make sure that they only catch the excess harvest of fish that remain in the waters so that more salmon can return the next season. Bears and bald eagles enjoy their fill of salmons too, so fishermen make it a point to leave enough fish for them to thrive. Now that’s quite something, isn’t it? A true example of caring for ecological balance! Instead of passing through 3 or 4 hands, every single fish passes through the trained eyes of an Alaskan fisherman, quality controlled by FreshDirect’s team, before it is packaged and sent to your doorstep. While chefs debate on which is better, farm-raised or wild salmon, FreshDirect firmly resorts to the organic ways of sourcing organic and wild salmon populace. Quoting an independent fisherman Tony Wood who often collaborates with FreshDirect, “It’s wild fish and that’s why you can taste the distinct flavor that comes with it”.

They offer 3 species of salmon, namely King, Sockeye and Coho, each having their unique characteristics. An epicurean delight is the King salmon which accumulates fat throughout the summer and is sought after for its buttery texture and high omega-3 content. When the summer season is at its peak, the Sockeye can be found in abundance. It’s leaner than the King and therefore known for its distinct flavor and firm texture. The Coho salmon is also a fine variant which is popular for its orange flesh, creamy flavor and equally loved by the masses.

FreshDirect is consistent with the quality of an assortment of other products available on their website and has undoubtedly given customers another reason to choose their services. When you work with partners that are as enthusiastic and keen on maintaining product quality as the local fishermen of Alaska, the fish sells itself. With salmon sourced the most organic way, the only thing customers have to do is add it to their cart. The perfect salmon is just a click away.

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