PM Narendra Modi to Address nation through 'Mann Ki Baat' Live on 27th May 2018

Narendra Modi Mann ki baat live

The Prime Minister of India, Shree Narendra Modi, encouraged Indians to share their ideas on the episode of Modi Maan Ki Baat radio program. The 'Mann Ki Baat' episode will be held on 27th May 2018 i.e., 27-5-2018. He has invited ASEAN national leaders on the eve of Republic Day celebration in India.

Mr. Modi tweeted “This month’s Mann Ki Baat will take place on Sunday. Share your ideas for it, on the NM Mobile App., inputs for the programme can be shared on the 'MyGov' Open Forum or by recording your message on 1800-11-7800.”

Mann Ki Baat Live:

It is regarded to be the Mann Ki Baat 41th episode. It is believed that some of the recorded messages would be played on the radio. A government statement on 'MyGov Forum' said that the invitation was extended towards everybody.

A missed call could also be given to 1922 and the link received on the SMS can be visited in order to give public suggestions. Mann Ki Baat would start today at 11 AM. on May 27, 2018.

Akashwani will broadcast the programme in regional languages immediately after the Hindi broadcast. Regional language versions of the programme will also be repeated at 8 p.m. The programme will be shown on YouTube channels of the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, All India Radio Network, DD National, DD Bharti and DD News.

Mann Ki Baat Date

This program happens on last Sunday of every month. In May 2018, it will be on 27th.

Mann Ki Baat Live Today

How to watch PM Modi Mann Ki baat

Mann Ki Baat ("Heart's Voice") is an Indian radio programme hosted by the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi in which he addresses the people of the nation on All India Radio, DD National, DD News. In said addresses of Mann ki Baat live broadcast so far, more than 61,000 ideas have been received on the website and 1.43 lakh audio recordings by listeners have been received. You can hear the audio on National Radio channel and video on YouTube/official website.

Having officially started on and from 3 October 2014, the programme aims to deliver the Prime Minister's voice to the general masses of India. Since television connection is still not available everywhere in India, especially in the isolated, rural and less developed regions, radio was chosen to be the medium for the programme, owing to its wider reach.

An estimated 90% of the total Indian population is reachable over the medium. Also, some of the private FM radio stations in the metropolitan cities of India are allowed to broadcast a recording of the show.

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It is yet another appreciating step towards the nation's development especially from the ideas shared by the citizens of the country that creates a special essence of bondage with the Nation's PM Narendra Modi.

You can watch Mann Ki baat live on different sources as mentioned above.