Fake Note Series Number 2018 by RBI – Identify Fake Notes Easily

Fake Note Series 2018

Listed here are the Fake note series numbers for Rs 1000, Rs 500, Rs 100 notes in India released by RBI 2018 series.

Although Fake Note series are the least preferred way of detecting the fakes notes in India, most common people have followed this method to differentiate original currency notes from the fake ones.

Reserve Bank of India has done their best to curb fake notes but they still exist and RBI has release fake series for 2018 too. Listed here are the fake series number for easy identification of Counterfeit notes.

1000 Rs Fake Note Series

The following are the 1000 Rs fake notes –

2AQ, 2AS, 2BW, 4DG, 4OG, 6AB, 6AV, 6BC, 6BL, 6CW, 6DK, 7AB, 7AC, 7CA, 7DD

89Q, 8AC, 8AR, 8BC, 8AD, 8BD, 8BG, 8BK, 8BD, 8BS, 8CS, 8DB, 8DC, 8DF, 8DP, 8PQ

9AB, 9AA, 9AN, 9BV, 2AU, 7DN, 7CN, 9AT

500 Rupees Fake Note Series

The following are identified as fake 500 note in India –

0EP, 2AQ, 6AB, 6CW, 6BC, 6AV, 6AC, 6CC, 6BL, 6BY, 7CA

7DD, 8BP, 8BS, 8PQ, 8DC, 8BB, 8DP, 8BF, 8CS, 8DD, 9BK, 9AN

9AR, 9PN, 9CN, 9OS

New 500 Notes Fake Note Series


1000 Rupees Fake Note Series

Please write this on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet and it might be useful while you are dealing with large currency.

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Rupees 2000 Fake Note Series

There is now Rs 2000 fake note series introduced by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). There is not even a circular about it as well.