Facebook BonFire – a Standalone Group Video Chat app Coming Soon

Facebook group

After success of Houseparty app launched last year, Facebook has started working on its standalone app for group video chat as per the sources. Dubbed as “Bonfire” it looks the same as Houseparty app.

After going the through the beta testing, Bonfire is going to see its launch by the fall of this year. Facebook employees have got a glance of the app that is being finalized. Company’s founder Ben Rubin launched Houseparty app and ‘Meerkat’ app but the later couldn’t beat ‘Periscope’.

Houseparty was a hit and had around a million users by November 2016. Facebook recently announced 2 billion monthly active users which are an achievement for Facebook. The audience is very excited about the fact of group video app being launched by Facebook.

Facebook recently came up with the WiFi Locator where the user is able to locate the nearest location in which the ‘free WiFi’ facility could be availed. There are many things which Facebook has decided to do with, in order to get the issues solved relating to the sophisticated and legalized usage of the platform.

Apart from this, Facebook has also introduced the Night Mode in WhatsApp which adjusts the lighting on the camera by working with the camera UI to enhance the quality of photographs taken in low-light conditions. This new button also will help video calling feature.

Hence, Facebook is becoming a noted platform with varied offers of facilities that the company provides to get the best service provided to its users. Users of Facebook have got connected with each other on a platform which is enhancing broader approach.

We all feel recognized and enthralled with the connection on the platform. The base of this is to get people closer and know each other as well as meet up with acquaintances which would have been not possible otherwise. The introduction of the said app which Facebook is about to launch also has a similar motive.

A wait for more such innovation from Facebook is on the go!