Facebook introduces new Blood Donation Page to find donors easily in India

Facebook Blood donation

Nowadays Facebook is not only a Social Media network it has become a helpline to the people who need blood. Facebook users in India will have a new option of becoming a blood donor. This feature will start by 1 October 2017 which is National Blood Donor Day.

People usually look out for donors in social media networks and to their disappointment, very few donors are available at the right time. Like many countries, India too has been facing a shortage of blood and this causing a stress situation to the patient and family. Research has found that there have been thousands of Facebook request from people to donate blood each week. We hope this new feature will help people find donors in possible time and save the life of many people.

Facebook users in India only can access this blood donation feature. The participant has to sign up to be a blood donor. To encourage the participants Facebook will show a pop-up message in News Feed. All the information about the donor will remain private and if users are willing to share the information they can share them on their timeline. Presently this feature is only available on Android Phone.

This feature will also be useful to blood banks and hospitals. If a hospital or a patience is in need of blood a special post has to be created by them providing information about location, blood group, and contact details. When the information is provided in the Facebook those nearby who have signed up to be blood donor will be sent a Facebook notification and the donor will have the option to respond it through Call, Message or Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. All the information about the donor will be kept private unless the person is willing to disclose the details.

In designing this new feature Facebook has worked with non-profit organizations, potential donors, health experts and hospitals to know and solve the consequences faced by them in collecting and donating blood.

This is one of the best initiatives Facebook has taken to raise awareness and grow the number of blood donors in India.

People can go to facebook.com/donateblood to sign-up to be a blood donor.