Chain smoker Adnan Sami gave up 20-year-old smoking for his daughter

The saying ‘Loves makes anything happens’ is really true. We have seen this happening with musician Adnan Sami who gave up smoking for his 1-month-old daughter. Previously he has almost lost 147 kg for his father and also gave up alcohol for his Lady Love Roya.

Roya and Adnan tied the knot on January 29, 2010, and almost after seven years, they have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Roya is considered to be the third wife of Adnan who got separated from actor Zoya Bakhtiar and Dubai-based Arab Sabah Galadari.

Adnan Sami took to Twitter and shared his happiness of becoming a father. “My love for my daughter Medina is so tremendous that even before she was born in January this year, in anticipation of her arrival I gave up smoking! I kicked the 20-year-old filthy habit for her. I used to smoke up to 40 cigarettes a day. But one fine day in January, I kicked the habit for her” says the new dad.

Adnan seems so excited for Medina that he is now on a shopping spree and he just could not stop himself from buying things for her lovely daughter. He added “In the past few days I have bought clothes and toys for her. My wife is so fed up that she asked me to stop buying things, but I am not gonna stop, he laughs.

Adnan Sami song Bhar Do Jholi(Bajrangi Bhaijaan), was recently honored with Asian Award from the British Parliament’s House of Lords of Outstanding Achievement in Music.