Donald Trump decides to exit Paris Climate Treaty; gets labelled as ‘Climate Criminal’

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In an announcement to withdraw from the ‘Paris Climate Agreement’ on Thursday, June 1, 2017, by the President of United States of America, Donald Trump, has surprised everyone in the world and made it difficult to understand the strategies which Trump is going to implement thereby. Again, the withdrawal of United States from Paris Climate Accord has resulted in a lot of changes in position with regards to the advisory board members and his decision is not gone well as United States is set to Syria and Nicaragua as non-participating countries at this year’s Climate.

The Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney, Bob Iger is resigning from the position in the White House advisory council, post Trump’s announcement.

Trump’s assistant, Ivanka Trump (his daughter) is however not accessible to comment on it. Sources said that both Ivanka Trump and Jared Khushner were not present during the announcement made by Trump at Rose Garden.

Trump indicated that America would renegotiate based on the changes in the terms of the agreement. However, the French president Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni said in a joint statement on Thursday “with regret” – when referring to U.S. decision to pull out of the agreement. Also, the three leaders insisted on the fact that the course charted by the accord is “irreversible and we firmly believe that the Paris Agreement cannot be renegotiated.” These leaders consider the agreement as a “cornerstone in the cooperation between our countries, for effectively and timely tackling climate change.”

On the other hand Interior Secretary of United States Ryan Zinke has appreciated Trump’s bold move on this aspect as he reinstates that “America’s energy and economic destiny should be up to the United States, not the United Nations.” He believes that the said ‘climate accord’ is not very rich in its negotiation factors and that if the United States enters the accord on the terms mentioned therein, the American jobs will be killed.

Again, the President is of the opinion that the other nations in the accord are there to gain ‘financial advantage’ over U.S. than it is about climate change. May be a little elaboration in this regard would serve justice to the President’s comment.

At the same time the democratic rival of Trump, Hillary Clinton says “The world is moving forward together on climate change.” She emphasized that Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris accord “leaves American workers & families behind.”

Mark Zuckerberg slammed Donald’s decision and said – “puts our children’s future at risk“.

David Gergen said on CNN “most shameful acts in US history”.

Contrarily many countries who are in ‘say’ to the accord have urged America to negotiate and consider its decision. It is up to the President’s call in this matter.

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