CRTC rules that all Smartphones sold in Canada should be Unlocked

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Switching networks costs more for the user in Canada. The people in Canada pay $50 or more to get the phone unlocked in the process. As it is, Canadians pay some of the highest rates to wireless compared to any of the G7 nation. Currently, however, CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) has ordered carriers to help consumers to unlock their phones. It has also ordered that the new cellphones have to be sold to the consumers by unlocking it.

This particular step was taken after a lot of criticism raised by the public on ‘charging of fee’ for switching networks. CRTC had invited comments from the public with regard to the fee paid for switching networks. As a response to this, the public had condemned the fee to a great extent. One person wrote “That’s called a ‘Ransom Fee’ or ‘Hostage Fee’ in any other business,”  “It is unbelievable how the government allows these companies to extort money like this!”- This was as per the note was given by CRTC.

Rogers VP, Howard Slawner said “we think it’s a lot more appropriate that people who actually have their device unlocked bear the cost of the unlocking.”. The locks are done by the Carriers though, this, however, was not mentioned by the Vice President.

The new federal government has favored the consumers when it came to the Internet laws. The government also ruled against the free music “zero-rating” scheme that seems to violate net neutrality. The free music “zero-rating” from the carrier Videotron.

The US FCC under Ajit Pai wants to get back the consumer-friendly environment in terms of net neutrality rules, thereby by applying it where it is required.

The carrier Free-Mobile, a France-based charges €20 per month without a contract. It gives 25GB of data roaming per month in Canada and the US and also includes free calls and texts within those countries or to (and from) France.

Reports say that the Carrier customers in Canada can unlock their phone at their own wish come December.