Clash Royale Sudden Death Challenge Announced; Starts Today

SuperCell has announced Clash Royale Sudden Death Challenge which begins on February 9 at midnight. It’s the latest addition to special events as organized by SuperCell, the game developer. Doesn’t matter you own an iPhone 8 or older iPhone models or iPad or even an Android phone, you will see this Sudden Death Challenge available under Events Tab.

Clash Royale is one of the highest downloaded game on both Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

The challenge rules are pretty simple – the first one to destroy 1 tower of opposition wins. But the hard time comes when you have 3 losses and you are out. At 9 wins, you win the Sudden death battle challenge but don’t be afraid because there are rewards for each win as well. With no wins (0 wins) you get a guranteed prize of 130 golds and 2x common cards. At 2 wins you get 500 gold as one time reward and 1000 gold coins at 4 wins. Similarly, at 6 wins you will get 2000 gold coins and the top prize is set at 9 wins with 1100 gold coins and x50 commons and x5 rare cards.

SuperCell, as always has provided one free entry to the challenge for each Clash Royale players.

In order to test your deck, you can play friendly battle in your clan. In order to do that, go to ‘Social’ tab and then select ‘Friendly Battle’. Among the available battle options, choose ‘Sudden Death friendly’ to play with your clanmates. As of now, you will also see the 1v1 Draft Battle friendly challenge too available. Remember that practice makes man perfect and selecting the best deck could help you achieve 9 wins.

Sudden Death Challenge Decks

If you are looking for answers on how to win the Sudden Death Challenge, then you should consider reading the following combination of cards.

The following decks for Sudden Death Challenge will give you full winning amount.

Deck 1

Ballon, Bats, Clone, Freeze, Mega Minion, Miner, Raze, Zap

Deck 2

Arrows, Freeze, Graveyard, Hog, Knight, Mirror, Tesla, Zap

Deck 3

Zape, Freeze, Clone, Raze, Miner, Bats, Ballon, Mega Minion

Deck 4

Bats, Zap, Log, Minions, Ice Spirit, Grave Yard, Ice Golem

Deck 5

Pekka, Bats, Goblins, Hog Rider, Ice Golem, Poison, Zap, Electronic Wizard

So, get ready for your best Sudden Death Challenge decks and complete the challenge to enjoy cash and cards.

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Written by Yogesh Khetani

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