SuperCell has announced Clash Royale Magic Archer Card addition

Magic Archer card

Supercell has announced the addition of Magic Archer card, a new card to Clash Royale, the best strategy mobile game. Magic Archer card will be available in Arena 11 or higher. The game developer has also announced magic archer draft challenge as well.

Magic archer is a legendary card and it will be released in 14 days that is on March 1, 2018.  according to an official statement, Magic Archer is not quite a Wizard nor an Archer.  The card shoots a magic arrow that passes through and damages all the enemies in its path. It’s not a trick it’s a magic.

Magic Archer

It causes an area damage of 96 with 490 hit points. It targets Air and Ground cards of opposition and classified as a medium speed card with a range of 7. It hits at a speed of 1 second and has a deploy time of 1 second. It’s a troop card with legendary rarity.

It has few similarities with Royal Ghost, which drifts invisibly through the Arena until stopped by an enemy and brings a competition to Lumberjack, another highly famous fast moving legendary card.

SuperCell has also announced Magic Archer Draft Challenge through which you can win this new Clash Royale Card in advanced before it’s release in March 2018.

In the Draft Challenge, both players will choose four cards and receive the other four from the opponent. In order to win the card, you need to accumulate 12 wins before you run out of the 3 losses. You will also get 1000 gold at 2 wins, x20 rares at 4 wins, 6 wins will give you x3000 gold and 5 epic cards at 8 wins. 12 wins assure you of a Magic Archer card but if you end up losing at 10 wins or 11 wins then you will get x10000 gold coins.

If you lose and want to play again, then you will have to pay 100 Gems to get your re-entry. That’s pretty sad because re-entry to recently concluded Lunar New Year Challenge was just 10 Gems.