SuperCell announces Clash Royale Lunar New Year Challenge Week

Clash Royale Lunar New Year Challenge

SuperCell for their best selling strategy game for Android and iPhone, Clash Royale has announced Lunar New Year Challenge, right after the end of the Sudden Death Challenge. According to SuperCell, it’s a “Lunar New Year week” for them.

This new challenge for 2018, will have three different stages and it’s must to win stage 1 in order qualify for the next stage 2. The third and final stage can be unlocked by completing the stage 2. In order to unlock stage 2, you will have to battle and collect 10 crowns.

A good thing about Lunar New Year Challenge is that the losses don’t matter, get the crown to collect prizes and complete the challenge. However, there are certain rules applicable like the cards level are according to the normal arena and same to all. The King tower and common tower level are set 9, while the rare car level is 7. Each match has an overtime length of 3 minutes, after which the match ends in a draw if there is no winner.

After level 1, in the level 2 you will have to complete the challenge before you are out in three losses.

Clash Royale Lunar New Year Challenge has already started and will last or 4 days until February 15, 2018. Remember to complete the challenge before it ends.

So, get ready with Lunar New Year Challenge decks, it’s just your normal 1vs1 battle but remember that level for each card is same for one and all. It’s the matter of selecting the right cards in your deck and the right use of them. Since the losses doesn’t matter, you can play as much as you want until you get the crown.

Lunar New Year Challenge

Best Decks: I have used Golem, Guard, Ice Spirit, Lumberjack, Night Witch, Poison, Pump, Zap deck cards. You can even use a deck with Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang, Ice Spirit, Knight, Log, Princess, Rocket and Tornado cards.

Happy Lunar new year week!