Clash Royale adds ‘Heal Spell’ Card & Announces Heal Draft Challenge from April 28

Heal Draft Challenge to Start from April 28-30

SuperCell, maker of Clash Royale has released a new card called ‘Heal Spell’ on May 1. They also announce the start of a new special event called ‘Heal Draft Challenge‘.

Heal Spell is a rare card and it cost 3 Elixir. It works like a reverse Poison spell and lasts for 3 seconds with total 528 healing. A heal spell affects 3 square radius of troops with 176 HP/second healing rate. The success with Heal Spell lies in using it timely to lead an elixir to advantage and destroy enemy’s tower within seconds. Using it on Three Musketeers, it can strengthen them and save you two exilir.

Special Heal Draft Challenge will start on April 28 and ends on April 30. You can win the Heal Spell cards, even before it’s official release.

Just like any previously released draft challenge, like the Bandit Draft Challenge, the Heal draft works in similar fashion. Player will get the option to pick four cards and receive four cards from their opponent. One player will get the option to choose heal spell and play with it. With each win, you win golds and Heal Spell cards. At six wins you will get a set of 10 Heal Spell cards and at 12 wins, you hit a jackpot with 100 Heal Spells. However, if you lose three battles, your challenge ends.

According to TechnosAmigos, the Heal Spell is going to be a real game changer and it will be the card that everyone will like to have in their battle deck. It will be only valuable when you use it on time combined with other cards.

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