Chinese Branded Smartphones conquer Indian Market with 340% growth

Chinese smartphones
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The market brand for the Chinese Smartphones in India seems to have a high score compared to that of the Indian brand smartphones. The report by India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra), said that China commands a score of 51% share of the market. This has again resulted in a 340% growth in their expansion during Q1 of 2017. In other words, their market share in India has grown three folds.

Again, when the Indian market share is been looked into, it is seen to be limited to 14% of the market and to worsen the case, as per the analysts it would still drop down.

Samsung(South Korean company) leads with the market share of 28%, while Oppo and Vivo reported 7-9 times more sales during Q1 of 2017, when compared to last quarter in the year.

The smartphone companies such as Micromax, Lava and Karbonn have been replaced by Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo when considering the ‘Top 5 ranking‘.

The reports also stated that 51% of the mobile market is dominated by the Chinese brands, Samsung dominates 28% as mentioned earlier, a market share 14% is occupied by Indian brands and around 7% by other brands such as Apple.

When the whole lot is taken into account, each smartphone has its own market, however, even after a strong competition, there are new brands introduced and competed with the spirit to win. As far as the inclusion of different market shares is concerned, each of them is striving hard through different offers to withstand the market and avoid the shift of demand. However, ‘customers are king’ as they are the ones who decide, which is best and hence the fluctuation in demand as per the reports have become a common aspect, as a result of which new techniques are adopted for an increase in sales of the smartphones.

The back up of the venture capitals and advertisements of the Chinese smartphones in the market has sustained the demand for them.