Centric Mobiles a new Indian Smartphone Startup to enter Market

Centric Android phones

On the go we have seen a lot of Chinese products, especially, the mobiles winning over the Indian audience. Now, an Indian manufacturer is going to sweep the market with surprise. Priyanka Communications, a company which has been in the market for over twenty years and have partnered with an amazing team of distributors for the sale of the product in the Indian market, have come up with its smartphone, ‘Centric’.

Smartphones are the current era and hence the said company has put the effort in designing one of its phones (smartphone). The question is whether the ‘cult in mobile’ would sustain the competition and how would the company create an identified strong-filed mark in the market for its product.

The solution was simple as they have dealt with people who are looking for a change and something new always. The youth was undoubtedly the ‘choice of the hour’. They also have 200 distributions and 20,000 retailers on board along with a customer base of four million. The Tier 2 and Tier 3 market is the segment that they are concentrating. The company knows its customers and the customers know them, hence, it would be not difficult to make a list of contacts which would give business as the customers themselves would come in search of the product designed by the company. The company has branded it very carefully with fine products, not to mention the assistance which is been provided to help the customers and make sure they remain with them.

The company has released 4 smartphones under Centric brand and the people who will be targeted by the company for sale would be the first-time buyers of smartphone and the younger generation as stated above. The series include L1, G1, P1 and P1+ models. The company has also confirmed that there will be 90-95% of value additions in the SMT manufacturing and this was said by it on record.

The design and production partners in China are working with the company to deliver the efficient produce and also it is rumored that, talks with Jio would get a larger crowd that would enhance the company’s sales. Again, nothing is clear as of now on the Reliance JIO 4G aspect and wait is still on.

It would not be a difficult task to pull the crowd towards ‘Centric’ knowing the fact that the huge distribution and partnered affect could create wonders in the sale of the product. It would be a challenge for the Chinese products though.