Caviar comes with Gold Coated iPhone X; Price $4510

Caviar iPhone X

The ‘iPhone purchase fever’ is always on the go whenever the new model jumps into the market. Not to mention, the current iPhone X was creating a buzz in the air when it was launched. However, there was a little unhappiness regarding the choice of colors for the customers as most of them expected the ‘gold’ color.

Currently, this ‘sourness’ towards Apple is going to come to an end. Caviar has introduced two golden iPhone X variants. This model of iPhone X comes with pure 24K gold coating and so there is nothing better than this one that the owner of iPhone X can make others envy about.

The credit for the set up of color has to be given to the Russian company Caviar. Classic Gold is available for $4,510 and Classic Liquid Gold is available for $4,805.

The ravishing color is eye-catching and is full of life when it comes to its appearance. This color plays an important part for not withholding the desire to buy it.

Obvious look includes the Apple logo without which the product would lose its glow. Not all glitters is gold, however, this one glitters and is golden color filled. The  Liquid Gold iteration and the “liquid” metal has attracted the customers with a large number.

Why is the wait for, when the company like Caviar in its history is coming out with the Apple symbol. So, no more reasons such as ‘color is not good’ or ‘it does not suit the real effort of Apple’, so on and so forth. Go ahead and grab it!

In the past, we have seen the Russian company, Caviar creating a limited edition series of customized Apple Watches that pay tribute to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Lenin, and Peter the Great and cost £2,000 each in the year 2015.

What would be a better choice this time when it came to the more expected phone aspect. It’s time to pull up the sleeves and click on the links that take you to make a purchase of the iPhone X with ‘Gold-Coating’.