Friday, May 25, 2018
Fake Note Series 2018

Fake Note Series Number 2018 by RBI – Identify Fake Notes Easily

Listed here are the Fake note series numbers for Rs 1000, Rs 500, Rs 100 notes in India released by RBI 2018 series. Although Fake Note series are the least preferred way...
PayTM Gold

Get ‘PayTM Gold’ as Cashback on Recharges & Bill Payments on PayTM

Checkout PayTM Gold Rate, Offer, App, Login, Cashback, Trading, Quality 24 Karat, 22 Karat , trading, selling price details.
Apple Store

Experts predict Apple to become World’s First $1 Trillion company

The current stock of Apple is trading at $153 mark for the first time ever, after factoring in a 7-for-1 split in 2014. Apple is on the way to become world's...
Hyderabad Metro rail tickets

The Hyderabad Metro fare to cost Rs 20 to Rs 50

Hyderabad with metro development, in progress, is again seen on one of the top listed states for development. The first 30-km phase is planned to be launched between November 28 and...
TMobile Sprint Merger

T-Mobile and Sprint merger maynot happen; US Justice Depart opposes

Given the fact of the news related to the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile, the same has not completely gone well with the U.S. Justice. Hence, there is still a possibility of...
Google Tez

Google soon to introduce UPI Digital Payment Services called “Tez”- Report

Google is trying on its hand on the 'Digital Mobile Payment' services in India. The Internet giant may be considering the fact of digitization, this step has been initiated by the...
Patanjali advertisement ban

Ramdev Baba Patanjali faces huge advertisement ban

Yog Guru Ramdev Baba firm Patanjali has been facing huge loss due to the rejection of ads by The Advertisement Standard Council Of India(ASCI). Recently 25 ads of Patanjali has been...
Indian Rail

Railways Planning to Operate a 200 Kmph Delhi-Chandigarh Train

After the successful launching of 160 Kmph train service on the route from Delhi to Agra, now Indian railways is planning to operate and scale the speed up to 200 Kmph...
Best Brains

Best Brains Hits The Target of 100 locations

Best Brains is an enrichment program designed to enhance your child's overall academic development. It started active franchising from 2013 and reached the milestone of 75 locations. Best Brains has reached the...
Rs 200 note

RBI starts Printing Rs. 200 Notes with Advanced Security Features

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has planned to introduce new Rs. 200 notes very soon and it's reported that printing is already underway. The new currency notes will include advanced security...

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