Camera Lumia UI will be introduced again on Nokia Smartphones

Lumia Camera UI
New Lumia Camera UI

After Nokia gave Finnish company HMD Global the right to use its name for any smartphones, tablets and feature phones plans to launch on the market, HMD Global has got yet another right from Microsoft to use the Microsoft’s design patents.

The trademarks of PureView, ClearBlack and PureMotion technologies, is still owned by the Microsoft company, however, not less than 500 design patents held by the Redmond-based company have been transferred to HMD Global. Hence, more developed designs could be seen with regard to the ‘Nokia Phone’ and the same would be favorable for HMD Global as it need not fear and explain like how Apple had to do when Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc. for ‘Patent Infringement’.

It should be noted that there has been three Nokia-branded smartphones unveiled this year.The recent design that has been transferred to HMD is for Lumia Camera UI.

The yet-to-be released Nokia phones would hopefully contain the ‘Lumia Camera UI’, however, nothing has been confirmed by HMD about the use of the design for the existing Nokia Android Phones.

Reports say that as Lumia brand is still with Microsoft, the camera will probably be installed on the Nokia phones under a different name.

The Lumia camera UI was a quite popular aspect and added overall user experience of the smartphone in the past. This re-introduction of the concept would surely be welcomed with appreciation, especially by those who know the ‘originality’ and would want the similar experience again.

Even though no information relating to the name of Nokia phones that come with the UI is revealed, we hope that the same would be done soon, as the heat and excitement have taken its place already amidst the public and the market is expected to be on ‘heights’ for this.

Nokia has been a favorite name for many of them in the market of mobile phones and the same craze is speculated for the ‘Lumia Camera UI‘ as well!