Brawl Stars Novice User Guide – SuperCell’s New Game

Brawl Stars guide

Brawl Stars User Guide: After the success of the online games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, ‘Brawl Stars’ is a new game that the SuperCell has come back with on board. The legacy of the company is expected to be continued by this new strategic shooting game.

Brawl Stars Guide

The Brawl Stars release date was June 15, 2017, and will begin roll-out in a phase-wise manner. Currently, the game is played is available on iOS platform. The company, however, is planning to go global with the game due to the demand and the factors that prioritize the game, such as the combination of 3D graphics, alluring Brawls, and addicting game controls.

The attributes that make the game popular:

Ranking System:

The ranking system in Brawl Stars game makes it popular. In the Brawl Stars, each brawler has given the ability to rack up their trophies. The total number of trophies of each of your brawler will determine your ultimate ranking.

Game currency:

A team can be made consisting of your friends and peers called “Bands”. Social tab makes to access the ‘Bands’. There are options of chatting as well as playing in this context.

Boxes named as Brawl Boxes:

The Brawl Boxes might contain different rewards and prizes depending on the level of the boxes. The player can obtain the Brawl boxes by the game currency, in-game purchases, winning matches and special events.

The list of Brawlers are as under:

  1. Barley – Regular Barkeeper
  2. Bo – Greatest Bowman with explosive arrows
  3. Brock – Lighting the dance floor with his smooth moves
  4. Bull – bull with a double barrel shotgun
  5. Colt – Long range shooter
  6. Crow – the enigmatic creature
  7. Dynamike – retired miner blowing the stuff off
  8. El Primo – superhuman with unveiled charisma
  9. Jessie – girls who fashion danger
  10. Mortis – speed is his plus
  11. Spike – the desert dweller
  12. Nita – little foot with big baby bear
  13. Shelly – Belle of the brawl

Brawl Stars Guide:

The Brawl Stars guide helps the player to understand the game and play accordingly.

There are two different control modes in the game. One is tap to move and the other is joystick move, these settings are pretty elaborate and allow the most customized experience in mobile games. Players are likely to prefer one control mode over the other, however, some players prefer a certain control mode based on the character they happen to be playing.

One ability that all Brawlers get to the battlefield is the ability to go invisible when they hide in bushes. With an exception that you don’t bump into someone else while hiding in the bush.


Brawlers, are heroes or champions, characters that you select and then play in a variety of online arenas. Each Brawler has different skills and different abilities that they can bring to the battlefield so that you get the edge.


Bounty is a 3 vs 3 game mode where kills are what matters. No objectives, aside from having more points than your opponent when the 2 minutes 30 second round timer runs out. Points are obtained by killing enemy brawlers.

In Brawl Stars there’s a variety of game types available as well. You can play a bounty mode where you go in a free for all style team vs team with each successive kill that you gain you’re able to add another star over your head.

Smash and Grab:

A very original concept where a gem mine in the center of the arena spawns gems every 8 to 10 seconds. Every time a gem spawns on the battlefield it will be very close to neutral territory or the very center of the map.

Each team will try to hustle in and collect the gem and then you will have control of that for your team. If you only have one player carrying all of your gems It’s very easy to gang up on that player, take them out and collect the gems, and restart any timer that has been set.


Showdown is the next game mode and it is Brawl Stars version of free for all. You’re on your own in this one, there are no teammates for you to rely on. the last Brawler standing in that particular showdown will be crowned the champion. But to throw in a wrinkle, to keep the game moving along at a good pace and to make it so that the Brawlers can’t avoid each other the whole time there is gas that introduced collapsing on the outside of the battle arena and it will continue to move inward until only a small space is available to fight in.


This game type has 3 Vs. 3. You are on a team trying to either defend or open a safe that is guarded in one of the teams spawns.

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In its current state, you will only play offense or defense in Heist and it appears to be random for which side you’re chosen for. These game types all rotate on a regular basis.

Game Mode Availability:

They’re available between 12 and 24 hours at a time and after their time expires they will rotate in the next game type. There are 4 slots for each game type.

Now those 4 available slots can each have a different type of game involved in them and they do rotate every 12 to 24 hours. There is a timer for each game type and after that timer expires the next one will be rotated in.