Blue Jay is World’s First Autonomous Indoor Drone

Blue Jay Drone
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At the 60th anniversary of Eindhoven University of Technology, the domestic unmanned aircraft acted as a server. The drone served the people on the eve of the festival ‘Dream and Dare’ that marked the above mentioned anniversary.

A group of 20 students worked on this drone called ‘Blue Jay‘ who made the inside craft accurate enough to function enormous things. The drone helps you identify the items such as mobiles or even helps to extinguish a fire by picking up the extinguisher rod to put off the fire when it senses the smoke and heat.

Student and project leader Tessie Hartjes says “It has potential as a useful tool for humankind. We see it as the next mobile phone. You choose and you programme it like you want.”

The ‘Blue Jay’ looks like a white flying saucer and has a luminescent strip for eyes. It is the world’s first autonomous indoor drone.

The drone can navigate indoors using a system with special lights developed in collaboration with Philips. The rotors and other mechanical/ electrical parts are shielded by a physical barrier from the environment. It can also be used in the drone cafe. This was actually implemented, where the people were given the menu and asked to point out their orders with their fingers. The drone could identify the order by turning its eyes green, instantly to fly off and attend to it.

The product knows where the person is. It reacts to the speech, also giving feedback through sound and displays emotions. The physical aspects such as the gripper allow it to recognize what is being handed over to it and then it slowly takes it from the person who gives to it.

Again, when it is holding something and the person grabs from it, the drone ‘Blue Jay’ will release the pressure and let the person take it.

It will help you to get the items near you, while you can just relax back on the couch.

A most versatile tool of the generation is on the board for you locate and approach.