Bengaluru and Hyderabad bags Top Ranks as Easily Accessible Airports in India

Hyderabad Airport
Source: Wikimedia (Licensed under CC by CC0)

Accessibility is next to a difficult task, especially in the metros. We have seen several times, that the traffic of the city forms a hindrance to reach a place on time. This usually happens when one wants to travel outside the city. The issues lie not in reaching the other city or the destination that you want reach, but start much before that, when you want to reach the source through which you have to reach the desired destination. Yes, we are very much referring to the Airports that seem to be accessible in some places and not in others.

A recent study conducted by SPA (School of Planning and Architecture) states that the ‘Indian Airports’ accessibility’ is relatively linked with the peak hours or non-peak hours traffic.

In this regard, the cities of Hyderabad and Bengaluru are the two South Indian cities that have exerted force into the position of being more accessible compared to that of the other city airports. The reason is that the traffic which influences the ride to the airport leaves a less painful wait or rather no waiting in the traffic jam for a long time and helps the travelers reach the airport much before the time specified.

As per the study conducted by a SPA student, guided by the Senior Professor (Transport Planning) Dr. Sewa Ram, the rate of accessibility was calculated by taking into account the time that was taken to reach the airport during the peak and non-peak hours of traffic. Here an average time was taken as a base for the calculation.

Sewa Ram said – “One of the reasons for Bengaluru faring better is due to the location of the airport in the outskirts. So once you leave the city, you will get a good speed. Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International airport tops the list mainly because of the dedicated corridor to the airport.”

The stats also revealed, Delhi at the last position within the study of 60 metro and non-metro airports related to the accessibility, Bengaluru at seventh position making way for Hyderabad, which came at third. Chennai and Kolkata were marked at 46th and 59th position respectively.

The study reiterated on accessibility to airports in cities like Hyderabad and Bengaluru through a car, which would not only be a wise decision but also seemed to be the best commute source to reach the airport on time, among the six metros.

The time taken to reach the airport from the city centre during peak and non-peak traffic hours in Bengaluru stands at 46.2% compared to Delhi where it is 145.2%.

The average speed of 35.1 km/hr is recorded, while travelling to the Hyderabad airport from the centre of the city, Bengaluru, records the speed in this context as 28.4 km/hr to reach the airport. In the case of Chennai, the speed recorded under the scenario is 23.5 km/hr, Mumbai records around 21.4 km/hr, for Kolkata the speed recorded to reach the airport from center of the city is 20.2 km/hr and Delhi records 20.1 km/hr.