Belkin’s unveils Compact & Portable Power Banks with Fast Charging

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Phones are no wonder in buzz; however, what about the source that keeps it going. Yes, we are here talking about the battery backup level. To keep the battery on the run, Belkin has unveiled the fast charging battery packs, ‘Pocket Power battery’ series. The popular American company states that the particular lineup is for powering multiple devices, with three tiers on offer. Each has a capacity of 5000 mAh, 10000 mAh and 15000 mAh, respectively. The said accessories have the polymer battery cell technology used by it and also have a built-in safety measure to protect the device.

It is seen that there are a lot of talks going on in terms of the ‘battery packs.’ The charging of the device is done faster through micro-USB port or a 6-inch micro-USB cable which comes along with the product “Pocket Power’ when purchased. This product is available on

The product is designed to be slim and compact (for easy accessibility), with a plastic covering, which of course is of less weight, including the four LED power indicators. It is a wonderful product at an amazing price with awesome features and with a lot of expectation of being sold. In the current trend the battery packs have taken a major part of the market and hence, Belkin is on the route to prove that the company has something on-board.

Macro Peters, Vice President of product management in the company feels that the people’s requirement for a pack of Pocket Power lineup was the idea behind its introduction. The survey in this regard or the public insights proved so he said.

The color in which it is available is black, which is for $29.99. Other than this color rose and gold are also one of the introductory colors and the product would be launched in those very soon.

It provides with an extra call time of more than 19 hours and 11 hours of extra web browsing. The product as said earlier could be bought from and Target for the buyers of US and at Walmart for the buyers of Canada. It seems like the 10,000 mAh and 15,000 mAh battery packs of this product would come into the market come summer.

The competitors in the market would give a tough competition to Belkin’s battery charging; however, the product also gives back the similar toughness to them, with the features such as 21 extra hours of web browsing and 51 hours of extra call time. The competitors were Samsung Battery Pack with Kettle, Tronsmort Presto etc. Hope is that the product “Pocket Power Fast charging battery “would take the market with the swing to win.

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