Beas & Vishakhapatnam are the Cleanest Railway Stations in India

Vishakhapatnam Railway station
Vishakhapatnam Railway station

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, is what is taught in school. However, the process of following it seems to be a little difficult. In the current scenario, it is not the case as awareness relating to the cleanliness has been reaching the public at large. In this context, we have seen that the railway stations have taken a hard hit when it comes to clean environment.

Cleanest Railway Stations in India

Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi clean drive campaigns named “Swachh Bharat” has driven a number of individuals, social groups and reformers to take part in an initiative to clean India.

Among different railway stations, Vishakhapatnam bagged one of the cleanest railway stations in India. The city topped the list of 71 A1 category railway stations, which was announced by Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Railways. The third party audit report was released by the minister and was disclosed with the results hence arrived at.

To come to this decision, rankings were given to the targeted 16 zones under the set schedule, based on the average scores received by the listed railway stations. They were categorized as A1 and A stations in the process. It has been an acclaimed effort by the Vishakhapatnam railway station, which has made the city proud in front of the nation in terms of cleanliness, given the fact that having a clean station and city is one of the basic memorandums per Indian Railways.

The Southeast Railways which has a total of six stations were ranked first (1st) and the East Coastal Railway Station was marked as second under which there was a total of thirteen (13) stations.

Suresh Prabhu said that Beas station(Punjab) had topped under the A category stations and Vishakhapatnam (Vizag) of Andhra Pradesh had topped the A1 category stations.

The first part of the Survey was undertaken by talking to the passengers and the drill hence was conducted by the IRCTC in 2016. Second time again there was another survey conducted by the Quality Council of India (QCI), assisted by their partners. The railway stations included in the survey were the four hundred and seven (407) major railway stations of the Indian Railways. After Vishakhapatnam, Secunderabad (Telangana) was the next cleanest railway station among the seventy-five (75) busy stations.

The parameters that were taken into consideration while adapting to such a survey were, the evaluation the cleaning process. This involved the cleanliness maintained in parking, the main entrance area (which is used as the main entry), main platform and waiting room. The authorities also made sure of having geo-tagged images so as to have a close monitoring on the cleanliness of the station at large. Above all the ‘jantha’ (public) was asked about the cleanliness, face to face where they rated based on the experience in the station.

The facilities of the railway station include the cloak room, and basic refreshment facilities along with the dormitory and Retiring Rooms. These facilities are tagged with a certain fee which has to be paid while purchasing the ticket.

One can order food from, wherein, the passenger can enjoy authentic food. The average meal for two is Rs. 350/-. You could place the order at the toll-free number 8800313131.

The effort put in by the authorities has led to a fruitful journey leading to clean railway stations in Vishakhapatnam and for sure it is a joined effort by the public as well!

A couple of days back, Suresh Prabhu unveiled a new Vizag-Araku train with vistadome coaches across the scenic valley.

Cleanest Railway Stations in India List

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