The Most Awaited Movie; Bahubali 2 to be Released on 28th of April

Bahubali 2 Movie

One of the biggest suspense of previous year, ‘Why Katappa killed Bahubali’ is coming to an end on 28th of April with the release of Bahubali 2. Being the biggest entertainer of 2016, this movie had left the audience jaw dropped for its beautiful picturization and high definition scenes. The total budget of Bahubali-2 is ₹ 250 crore and it will be the first Indian film with 4K High Definition format. This excellent piece of art would definitely lead the Indian cinema towards a new experience and make the audience feel the virtual reality with a great intensity. According to a report, at least 200 screens undergo upgrading with 4K projectors before the release of this film.

KK Senthil Kumar, the cinematographer of Bahubali states that Bahubali cannot be labeled just as a film, instead it is a high-level piece of art. He further adds that he was disappointed with lots of VFX errors and CGI issues in the first part of the movie which has been rectified now in the second part. Despite being enough lengthy with duration of 3 hours, the movie is attractive and magnetic to keep the audience glued to their seats. Sony TV has purchased the Television rights to the movie for ₹51 crore. The climax scene of the movie is 20 minutes long and cost them ₹30 crores.

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Let’s wait and watch what is special in this ‘Bahubali’ to bring revolution in Bollywood. Lead actor Prabhas, had worked a lot to undergo a major makeover of his body and put on 30 kg of weight too.