Apple WatchOS 4.0.1 update for Series 3 Models fixes Cellular Bug issue

Apple has come up with the update for its yet another product, the watchOS 4.0.1, which means the update given by the company in this regard if for Series 3 Models With Fix for Cellular Bug. It happens a day after the release of iOS 11.0.2 update.

On October 4, a new software update for the Apple Watch, upgrading watchOS 4 to watchOS 4.0.1 was released by Apple Inc.

WatchOS 4.0.1 can be downloaded through the dedicated Apple Watch app on the iPhone by going to General > Software Update.

Users have to make sure that Apple watch has at least 50 percent battery in order to install the update. After being placed on the charger, it must be in range of the iPhone.

Even though the update got the excitement around, a serious Wi-Fi bug was noticed, that caused impact on the performance of this new LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 models, however later reported to be looked into by watchOS 4.0.1.

Interestingly, the update page details the problem as – “watchOS 4.0.1 fixes issues that in rare cases were causing Apple Watch to join unauthenticated (captive) Wi-Fi networks, such as those found in public places like coffee shops and hotels, which direct the user to a web page before the network can be accessed”.

There were issues encountered in the first round of the use. The Series 3 attempted to connect to a Wi-Fi network that the user previously approved and connected to via another Apple device (like an iPhone or a Mac). Public Wi-Fi networks often make users accept terms and conditions or input temporary passwords before connecting. Apple Watch does not display these options and hence the Series 3 would appear to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, even though no service came through. This prevented the Series 3 from connecting to LTE service in areas where the user may have wanted to use cellular data over any Wi-Fi network.

As per Apple, the company was much aware of the issue just before the Series 3 models launched, and clarified that investigating a fix for a future software update was on and the issue would be resolved.

Hence, hoping the bug to be removed completely and with no fear of getting affected and guarded rather by Apple the wait is appreciated, not for long though!

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Written by Meenakshi Vanidasan

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