Apple may not include Gigabit in its next series – iPhone 8

Media reported that Apple Inc. is in the opinion of not including the next generation ‘gigabit’ in its next coming series – iPhone 8 and that the company will be with the 4G LTE technology. “Apple’s decision to leave out the faster gigabit chip found in the competing Galaxy S8 from Samsung could be because of how it sources modems,” tech website reported.

The company seems to have partnered with Qualcomm and Intel as per the sources, and this is for the cause of modems. Qualcomm offers a modem that is capable of one gigabit download speeds.

Apple Neural Engine is a dedicated artificial intelligence (AI) chip, which is reported to be developed by Apple. This chip assists to power  AI-related tasks on the mobiles. The chip helps to improve the battery life and the performance of the device on the overall aspect.

Reports state that the most intensive tasks are segregated from the iPhone processor and the graphics chip.

The sources also reveal that connectivity of Gigabit provides the fibre-like speeds via wireless. It is believed to be 50-100 times faster. Reason behind the decision is subjective and no comments would be put forth at this point of time which again would be a little early on the product being analyzed based on the current scenario.

It is rumored that Apple iPhone 8 would be released later this year. The wait is more about the features which Apple believes to be very firm and efficient enough to meet the market trends. It is believed to be with surprises always and the company has proven to be one such this time as well. Hence, these ‘techniques’ decides partially the buying and demand aspects on the sales graph.

Close watch is already done on the product by not only the Apple consumers but also others and time is yet to reveal the glorifying affect of the product, when the release would unveil the inspirational buying concept once again!

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Written by Meenakshi Vanidasan

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