Apple Lobby’s against the ‘Fair Bill’ made in favor of Consumers

A lobbying group is being funded by Apple which would require electronics manufacturers to sell replacement parts & service tools to general public.

There have been a lot of bills passed in the past which would help the customers to get a fair value for the amount spent on a product. Similar reason is seen in terms of the ‘Fair Repair Act’, wherein the customer would be at an advantage of getting the replacement of parts and tools. This would help in the prevention of the “Software Locks” which limits repairs. This bill also would enable the ‘repair guides’ to be given to the public in most of the cases.

It is interesting that the said bill does not seem to go well with the Tech companies ‘digestive factor’, as some of them have stood to lobby against this bill. Not much of exposure is given about such companies for the public view, except by the New York State Report, which shows that companies like Apple, Verizon, Lexmark (printer company), Toyota, Caterpillar (the heavy machinery company), Asurion, and Medtronic (medical device company) seemed to spend amount on lobbying against the bill.

A report by Motherboard points out that there is an agreement between Apple and Roeff Group (lobbying firm), which is a retainer agreement. It states that the law firm will “lobby Apple’s corporate issues, including but not limited to environment, tax, and retail”. As per the contract between the two, Apple pays $9000 per month for the services offered by Roeff Group.

Also the stats show that the organizations that are against this bill spent $366,634 in order to retain the lobbying parties, between the month of January and April. Again, it is noticed that the ‘Digital Right to Repair Coalition’, made for especially the independent repair shops, has spent an amount of $5042 for lobbying. These organizations are the only one doing it publicly.

The records say, the ‘Fair Repair Act’ (New York Senate bill 618A) is one the three bills that has been lobbied against by Apple in March and April.

The legislation which was lobbied against by Apple in the year 2015 however is not confirmed by reports or news. Hence, there is no clarity on the this matter as yet.

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Written by Meenakshi Vanidasan

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