Unable to handle big Changes many have returned their iPhone X

Apple iPhone X phone

Apart from the excitement of getting the Apple’s new phone model iPhone X, that commemorates the Xth anniversary of Apple Inc. has its own pros and cons to it.

The Apple iPhone X is not as intuitive and has not gone on the liking of the people who have bought it and hence, the returning aspect has gone to an extent of the numbers. The reasons commonly found are the ‘notch’ effect and the gestures used on the phone which seems to be not friendly enough and hence, this has led to the returning of the device which has been the talk of the town of late.

Apple-rulz said –

“I’m the biggest Apple fan there is and even I’m disappointed with the X. Got mine Friday, returned it today (Sunday). The notch was super annoying, the OLED panel isn’t THAT much better than the LCD on my 6S Plus, no battery percentage on the display due to not enough space, annoying swipe gestures, etc. The only really cool/fun part of the phone was the Animoji. No fast charge accessories out of the box also annoyed me. When I went to my carrier to return it, I was the second person in returning an X. Very disappointing weekend.”

However, in the longer run, even though rivals such as Samsung has come up with the commercials that include the ‘upgrading factor’ to Galaxy, customers who are enjoying the ownership of the given model have had a good percentage of positive aspect and hence the percentage of the negative votes have been minimized on the general aspect.

The price factor has also caused for the return of the device as customers who did return the device had stated the price is not that worth the features that have been presented in the device and hence, the remorse has been quite large in this regard.

Hope at least the percentage supporting the concept does not let down the purchase.