Apple ties up with Health Gorilla to offer in-depth Medical Records on iPhone

Apple has stepped into a comprehensive health repository and in the process has joined hands with Health Gorilla. After the introduction of series of Phones and the last being iPhone 8 which made a lot of buzz in the market, Apple now has a plan to help the patients through the technology involved in the phone by teaming up with the Health Gorilla, the company that specializes in grouping diagnostic information – Reports said.

The company is working on adding the diagnostic data to the iPhone by coordinating with the imaging centers, hospitals, and lab-testing companies.

Apple iPhone Health Report

The doctors will be assisted with the Health app, offered by Apple on its iPhone, wherein they will be able to get a secured clinical network that collects health data from different providers, which in turn would offer the doctors much more understandable overview of the patient’s health. The patients could also get their health report in 10 minutes.

Sources also stated that a ‘secret team’ in Apple’s health unit has been in talks with different and various developers, hospitals, and industry groups in order to store clinical data on its phone which will term as a destination for medical information.

A centralized database is planned to be created by the company and this would relate to all the people’s health data. It will help the medical sector to get solution towards the problem faced while transferring the data from the providers. On the whole this an ‘in time tool’ for the medical data that needs to be available while treating patients.

The Health app on the phone will help to obtain blood work results, x-rays, physical therapy information and much more information.

Sources also confirmed that the company has hired developers who are proficient in the protocols that dictate the transfer of electronic health records, apart from the dialogues which the company had with various health IT industry groups which focus on universal medical records which included companies like ‘The Argonaut Project’ and ‘The Carin Alliance’.

As per the reports, the Health App aggregates medical data and health information from the Apple Watch and various other connected devices which are of more value to the users of iPhone.

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