Apple working on Hand Gesture Technology to Control Future IoT Devices

iPhone Hand Gesture patent
Patent image | Source: USPTO

USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) has published a patent that allows the users to control electronic devices through hand gestures. Even though the ‘patent pictures’ has not revealed the technology except for the circuit scheme for the interface, the intended uses are mentioned, that includes the controlling of future devices like computer games, home appliances, consoles, interaction with the DVD or the TV set up options etc. The world is moving towards IoT (Internet of Things) devices and Apple wants to stay on top.

Even though no confirmation is yet done outwardly, there is some idea that Apple as a company is looking into with respect to the different innovations. The expansion of the technology is a fact message given to the world that Apple Inc. is taking the Virtual Reality/Augment Reality to a level which might create a great importance of technology in these sectors.

Reports have got out many things even before Apple announced them, in spite of the meeting held on the recent leaks. The interface as per the sources would be using the infrared depth mapping which tracks every gesture by segmenting the user’s body. There might be a requirement of the sensor glove or a hand-held sensor in this regard.

Very recently, the company acquired the German’s Eye Tracking tech firm and also got into an agreement with Gorilla Health which enables the technology used as a base for scrutinizing the medical records through the phone based on the technology introduced by Apple. Overall, there is always surprises and well-planned ones which Apple has been showering for this year. Right from the beginning, there has been a vast outlook into the technological factor and then linked to the iPhone which forms the heart of the business.

Even the store opened by Apple is news and the company takes every opportunity to exhibit its fascinating product through different ‘marks’. The store that is still under construction in Chicago has a roof with the Apple Logo.

As an audience, we get enticed with the fact that Apple is mesmerizing not just the Silicon Valley but the whole world as well.