Apple files Patent to Charge Future iPhones through Wi-Fi Router

Apple’s phones have been in demand not only for its goodwill but also for the technological revolution it reveals in each of the phones it brings into the market.

Of late, Apple filed a new patent which would allow the charging of its phone without being plugged in physically as more than wireless charging, they are looking forward to charge iPhones over Wi-Fi. The ways to charge the iPhones and iPads wirelessly are formulated by the company, where, without contacting the signals emitted from radio frequencies like Wi-Fi are looked into.

This is the technology, Apple wishes to include in the introduction of the new phone series. This technology directs the electromagnetic frequencies, usually used for data transmission to the phone as a ‘beam of energy’.

The company wants to introduce this technology in their next phone series, which will be out by February 2017. The rumor is that it would be included in the Apple’s tenth phone series.

Apple Wi-Fi charging patent

The wireless option for charging from a long range is the concept which Apple has already used in its product iMac in the year 2010. It had developed a 1 meter range wireless connection. It is reported by Bloomberg that Apple is teaming up with partners to make this technology work again.

Iformation is that the method to get the technology into effect is in full spree. This is the first time in ten years that Apple is including the ‘wireless option to charge’ in iPhone and it is special because it is going to happen during its tenth anniversary. Apple has already patented “inductive charging station”. The model of iPhone 10 series is supposed to come with the glass case, which would support the feature.

Current scenario is that the phones that have wireless charging –supported phones can be charged resting them on the inductive mats.

The examples would include Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G4, LG G5, Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 5 etc.

The advantage is that the wireless charging-supported phones could be charged on the same mats and pads without using the phones specific charges.

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Written by Meenakshi Vanidasan

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