Apple A11 chip comes to possess six CPU cores; Major Boost in Gaming

Apple A11

On September 12, i.e., at the Apple’s September event, companies biggest event of the year, several new products are expected to be announced. The Cupertino based tech giant is expected to debut all next generation of chipset for their devices. Apple A11 system chip, a successor to A10 chip is expected to be powering the tenth anniversary iPhone(iPhone X or iPhone 8).

The A11 will use the ARM big.LITTLE design licensed from Cambridge tech firm ARM. It will have four efficient CPUs and two for performance boost.

Steve Troughton-Smith, said that the iOS 11 leak has brought out the fact that, Apple A11 chip will feature six processor cores. In other words, the standout feature of the A11 is its potential to run its six cores independently.

A11 potential Tasks For Gaming

The tasks for it is used for are gaming and video manipulation and is found to be named as Monsoon and the rest four Mistral cores handle the lighter housekeeping – texting and checking email, when referred to as an example.

The A10 Fusion used on the 2016 Apple’s flagship iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus carries four cores, two for high performance and two of it for high efficiency.

Again, A10X is used on the refreshed version of the iPad Pro and comes with three high powered Hurricane cores, and three high efficiency Zephyr cores. Apple A11 is also seemed to be capable of running all its CPU cores alone.

It is also estimated that A10 Fusion could use only its high-performance or low-power cores at any given time. The series that have been introduced by Apple also streamline the similar set up of source requirement. Hence, the extra power-efficient cores and the ability to access any core without being dependent, bodes well for energy saving and battery life is observed more powerful than before.

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On a final note, there are many aspects that lead to the fact that Apple.Inc has got innovations on board with events sponsored based to display the required innovations. So, we are here with wide hands to accept the innovation with the change required and developments made.