10 nm Apple A11 chip for next iPhone 8 & iPad enters Production Phase

Apple A11 chip
Image for Representation Purpose | Pixabay (Licensed under CC by CC0)

Digital expertise is a popular concept in today’s world. What’s more popular is the Chipset used in advanced phones such as smartphones. In this regard, it is quite well-known that Apple looks into fine works in terms of technology and more specifically the chipset used in their product.

After iPhone 7, it is time for the next consecutive number to be attached to the series. A massive expectation is found in the air, with regard to the new series of Apple Phones – the iPhone 8.

From A10 on iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus, the Cupertino-based tech giant will use a new A11 chip on upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus smartphone. This new chipset for Apple Company is produced by the Taiwanese company TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.) and is a well-learnt fact.

According to Digitimes, the Apple’s A11 chip is under production & manufacturers targets 100 million such chips by the end of this year.

It has an advantage of consuming less power which is less than 40 % and resulting in 20% gain. The manufacturing company TSMC would want to start its manufacturing plant in the USA later after this year. However, this is just a thought, and not completely accepted by TSMC.

Apple A10 fusion chip was made on 16nm line and the A11 is on the 10nm line. The production is to be started in full spree as it has a target of half a million chipset to be produced by the end June this year. There is a lot of effort put in to meet the ‘strength’ of the phone, the chipset, by Apple as it usually did for its previous popular phones.

Not to mention, this chip used in the new series of Apple, iPhone 8, makes it better for gaming process as well so that it can compete with flagship Android phones in mobile gaming. Bragging with this feature of performance usually in the positive sense, the company is not going to comprise anyways on these grounds.

Although, many other companies like Nvidia and HiSilicon want the 12nm chip production to be looked into from TSMC end, Apple has been playing safe on ‘silent listener’ mode. The time will decide and hopefully would be in full spree in terms of the demand for the new innovation of Apple series of Phone, the Apple iPhone 8, for which the designers are putting in their effort to customize technical designs.