Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin to Launch Essential Smartphone Today

Anby Rubin Essential phone

Looks like, there is another surprise waiting for the ‘mobile lovers’! However, for those who already know the fact, it would be otherwise. The co-founder of Android, Andy Rubin, after getting recognition for his creation ‘Android OS’ is now moving further to start up with the creation of a phone, which is speculated to be done with the help of the company called Essential. There is tweet by the company stating “Hi, welcome to our Twitter page. We’re here to let you know something big is coming May 30th! Stay tuned…”

Nobody would have forgotten the teaser image in January that made waves of thoughts relating to the introduction of the phone. In the second week of April, Android Central reported that the device made a visit on GFXBench site revealing it’s major specifications. That confirmed that the device is definitely for real and Andy Rubin is on way to create a smartphone startup.

Moments ago, a tweet from Rubin showed us a teaser picture confirmed that the ‘near bezel-less’ handset will launch on May 30(Today). It will be the first product by ‘Essential Products Inc’, a company headed by Rubin.

Essential FIH-PM1 Specs
Essential phone GFXBench Screenshot

Few reports claims that the phone is manufactured by the Foxconn Company. The phone is expected to host a 3D Touch-like technology, in terms of the display. Further, the display will be able to recognize varied levels of pressure. It will sport a 5.5-inch display with Quad HD (2560 x 1312 pixels) resolution. The design of the phone intends to have a bezel-less approach to it as said earlier, thereby leading to an overall smaller footprint.

The looks include metal edges with ceramic black. It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat with Google Play Store and Google apps pre-installed.

Andy Rubin’s Essential phone of course is a high-end phone, which has a modular system built-in. The product works through a proprietary magnetic conductor which charges the battery. The camera add-on captures high-resolution 360 degree images(look the tweet below). It is also speculated that most of the looks may be similar to Xiaomi’s ‘Mi Mix’ and the price would be competitive to other phones such as Google and Apple. Still no clear evidence on the price is out and hence, one cannot comment on it.

It sure has a tag of the founder of one of the popular OS, Android OS on it and hence, marketing factor would not be a huge challenge. Rubin knows the exact period to get it into the market and hence it will launch on May 30.


Rubin left Google in 2014 to create new projects and hence, here is one which gives him ample chance to again cherish success which he has already achieved in past with Android OS.