Airbar converts your Non-Touch Screen Laptop Into A Touchscreen Device

Airbar on laptop

The touch screen was a ‘miracle’ till the time there was an emergence of mobile phones with the touch screen facility(often referred as smartphones now). The computer sector also wanted to make this technology an important factor of the sale and hence brought in the touch screen laptops and computers. Now, of course, you have touch screen TVs as well.

Talking about the touch screen facility, the same was limited to the laptops offered in the series. Again, you would not get the facility separately attached to those laptops which do not belong to the category of inbuilt touch screen facility.

Airbar touch laptop

Here is another innovatory aspect of the touchscreen. Airbar, as it is named by Neonade, is a small and sleek device which will turn your laptop into a touchscreen option. This particular device (which is a magnetically charged bar) should be put at the bottom of the laptop’s display screen and be connected to the USB holder available in the laptop. When this is done it will emit invisible light, which is used to track the gestures or movements. These inputs will be transformed into corresponding units resulting in a touch screen laptop.

Airbar on laptop

Most important factor is that this product, ‘Airbar’ can transform a laptop into a touch screen, which means the computer or laptop which has no touch screen facility, with the help of this device can have this feature in them.

Whether you have your gloves on or are with bare fingers, the bar works fine and completes its function in either of the circumstance. No additional drivers are asked, as the product is plug-and-play. It gets well and operates easily when it comes to being used with Windows or ChromeOS. However, its function is limited in the case of OSX. The bar has to be removed while closing the laptop and it might not adhere to or adapt to its existence on them. Currently, it is available for only 15.6-inch laptops; maybe there would be plans by the company for other dimensions as well.

The product will be on board for retailing at a price of $49 during its launch which will take place next month, in June 2017. This product is regarded as an add-on facility. There would sure be an immense demand for the product considering the fact of its novelty.

This tiny little IoT device is available worldwide through different sellers. In India, it’s available through at a price of Rs 4,999.