A Local Hawaii Safeway Shopper Just Hit a $1 million Jackpot by Playing Monopoly!  

Hawaiian Safeway Shopper Jackpot

Yes, you heard that right! A loyal Safeway customer and an ardent monopoly enthusiast, Tiana M just won a prize of a whopping $1 million. Being a loyal Safeway shopper for years finally paid off and how! Who would’ve thought that an affinity for playing monopoly along with copious amounts of luck could win her a millionaire status? Brimming with happiness and not believing her luck, she said,“This is an incredible moment for me, this feels so amazing and unbelievable. I’ve always been a loyal Safeway shopper. In fact, I even remember shopping at Safeway four times a day! It’s just so satisfying to know that Safeway cares about their customers and rewards them for their loyalty, I can’t believe it finally paid off.”

The process that made her win was simple and efficient. Through her multiple purchases in Safeway, Tiana acquired a set of monopoly codes which she then entered online. A random lucky draw and wham!  One of the codes she had entered on the website was selected for the bumper prize. Just like that! Beaming with excitement, Tiana said, “I really thought it was a scam, I had won something this big for the first time in my life and I never thought of myself as a lucky person, I guess I was wrong. It’s so unbelievable that I was the one to strike gold out of all those people, I feel truly blessed.”

With a great amount of money, comes even greater responsibility. In reality, winning is surreal but such victories come with a price. Sadly, heart-wrenching stories of lottery winners going from riches to rags are no less to fill the void. But, Tiana has wise plans with her prize money hinting towards investment rather than splurges. “I’m more than content with what I have and I really don’t want to overspend, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been awarded this opportunity and I want to be smart with it. I think I’ll put it away. Some of it will go to my savings, some to secure my daughters’ future and I think I’ll finally buy the house I’ve always wanted.” She also plans on taking her entire family on a relaxing vacation as a way of thanking them for always having her back.

Safeway Monopoly Winner

#LIVE: One lucky Hawaii shopper just won $1 million by playing Safeway's 2018 Monopoly Collect and Win game. #HINews #HNN

Posted by Hawaii News Now on Sunday, July 15, 2018

What’s amazing is that Tiana is the very first Safeway shopper in Hawaii to win a huge amount and the rumor mills have it that there are more lucky winners to be announced. Safeway is never shy about giving rewards to their loyal customers and keep them engaged to their brand. Tiana winning a million was just the finest examples of why you must participate in such giveaways too. If you’re a loyal Safeway shopper hang on tight and keep at it, your chances of winning a million dollars might be around the corner at your nearest Safeway store!