Pimax announces world’s First 8K VR Headset

The world’s first 8K VR headset is designed and will be executed by Pimax, the Chinese startup. Pimax 8K might be the first such Virtual Reality headset to get into record books. With the modular design that works with your current accessories allows easy implementation of new technologies. e.g. hand motion, inside-out tracking, wireless, eye tracking, etc., The Pimax 8k VR is based on that concept.

One of the reviews also said “The 200° FOV is something you won’t be able to go back from, using my Oculus now feels like I’m viewing the world through a scuba mask!  The screen/lens combo is so far ahead of the current Oculus and Vive it’s ridiculous. No screen door, little to no rays or ghosting… no chromatic aberration or “ripples” from a Fresnel lens, no visible subpixels, no noticeable smearing Despite looking bulky.

Pimax 8K Features

The hand motion module, eye tracking, scent enabling module, a wireless transmission module, Customised VR Frame, Cooling Fan, Head Band, Head Strip are the main attributes of Pimax.

It also has the extendable interface along with the headphone the earphones. The interface is DP1.4, USB 3.0 with the refresh rate of 90 Hz per eye.

Again the laser tracking sensors make it a ‘special concept’ and not to forget the customized VR Frame is another feature that makes the experience effective.

The official website gives more information about the features in detail. The website says that the resolution is 3840*2160×2. The field view is 200 degrees and the processor is GTX 980/1070 or AMD R9 Nano. The best part is, it is compatible with 1700+VR Games.

One of the reviews say, “A very early but extremely impressive prototype using an advanced laser tracking system and 2 4k screens, one for each eye. Additionally, the system has 2 perfectly working all-orientation controllers for a wide range of applications. The system has by far the best resolution, movement tracking, and Field of view of all systems I have tested ad the exhibition”.

The VR concept is taking its place high in the market of technology and a lot of consideration of customer’s thoughts are seen in the product as the process of executing is made easy to use accordingly.

The reviews of the product have been encouraging

“The headset is light, lighter than the Vive apparently, and didn’t slosh around as my head turned quickly” User hands-on review on Reddit 2017.10.05.

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