7 Year old Class-3 Student slapped Forty Times by Lucknow Teacher – Viral Video

A 7-year old class-3 student(boy) was slapped continuously and mercilessly forty times by a teacher in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh for the mistake of not answering the roll call.

The teacher as per the CCTV footage dragged the boy in between the slapping with her hold on the ‘neck tie’. A comment on the shared Viral video has stated- “She is not a teacher but a monster.” The video leaked from St. John Vianney High School, a private school in Lucknow where the student was studying.

All the forty children in the class, were stunned, as they watched their teacher Retika V John snatch a sheet of paper from the boy and slap him mercilessly with both her hands. The rage was so high that the teacher did not care while she pushed the boy towards the bench, with his back hitting the bench.

The boy is seen protecting his cheek initially by covering it with his palm but later puts it down and takes the slapping without revolt.

The punishment was given by this ruthless teacher as the boy was engrossed in drawing while the attendance was called out.

When he reached home after school yesterday, his face was swollen and he appeared unusual to his parents.

When his parents contacted his friends, they found out, to their horror, how their son had been assaulted in class.

The parents then met the school principal, who checked the CCTV footage which clearly showed the teacher slapping and dragging the boy.

Following a complaint by the child’s father, a FIR was registered today against the teacher for voluntarily causing hurt, station officer of PGI police station Brijesh Rai said.

Even though apologies were rendered by the teacher to the boy’s parents, they wanted the immediate termination of the teacher. The Principal assured that her service was being terminated and eventually the teacher was sacked.

We send our children to school with the belief. Schools need teachers who are patient enough and also schools have to make a platform for both teachers and students a place to learn together. Today’s children are smart, just a right guidance would help them grow!

Source: ANI

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Written by Meenakshi Vanidasan

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